robots lab

Industrial robots are reshaping the manufacturing industry as companies continue to look for more ways to streamline efficiency and productivity. Industrial robots are automated and programmable which can increase the revenue and value of a production line. The market for industrial robots is posed to grow as robots become better at working alongside humans and steadily improve performance and product optimization.

Industrial Robots are comprised of various mechanical assemblies and electrical components: hydraulics, pneumatics, servo motors, encoders, resolvers, wiring harnesses, printed circuit boards, harmonic drives, servo drives, wrists, cylinders, bearings, teach pendants, and power supplies. We provide a comprehensive robotic repair service aimed at inspecting, disassembling, rebuilding, and repairing the complete robot, its components, or just a subassembly to find the performance issues. Our technicians can service and repair various robot OEMs including generations that are obsolete.
We repair servo motors and spindle motors. Our technicians have..
Food inspection is the most important step in food production..
Hydraulic valves and valve repair, servo and proportional valves..
We repair AC drives, DC drives, and Variable Frequency drives VFD..
With expanded testing capabilities, we can fully simulate plant..
Repair of circuit boards, timers, displays, HMI, PLC, temp controllers..
Industrial robots repair service aimed to inspect, disassemble..
Our technicians repair pitch controls, circuit breakers, converters..
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